Top 5 tips when you go to a audition

30/01/2015 | Castings | 0 comments | Author:

Do you want to impress and show that you are great at working your swag on your next audition for a film or tv show or maybe even a commercial?

Here are my top 5 tips for a great audition that will impress a casting agent:

  • Be on time. It will never impress anyone if you are late for a audition.
  • If you have the script before the audition then make sure that you have read and practised it a 100% so you don’t need the script at hand. You don’t need to remember it perfectly even if you get nervous it’s still better than reading from a script.
  • Prepare your questions if you have any. This shows that you have prepared the role for the casting.
  • Make sure you have rested and gotten your sleep even if you had a long school day. When the camera is rolling you have to give it you best shot to land a dream role in the future.
  • Remember even talented and great skills will not always land you the role. Don’t be sad and try again and again for auditions until the right role comes your way. Do what you can to keep trying. Its the only way to get really great.

If you follow these tips then you have a bigger chance at getting a role as an actor or actress in a commercial, ad, tv or film/movie.

Good luck.