About United Casting.

I founded United Casting in 1992 after several years of work in different areas in the film- and television industry. My interest in the casting process had grown over the years, and curiosity made me try and do it myself.

United Casting was born!

Since then I have had all kinds of different casting jobs for tv series, feature films, entertainment programs, scripted and nonscripted, and commercials.

My special competence is casting children, but I do cast grown-ups as well.

My first job as a caster was in the Big Dipper for the Danish director, Birger Larsen (Murder, The Killing) and that really woke my interest in working with children and making them do their very best in front of the camera.

Since then I have worked in all fiction genres with the most talented directors in Denmark:

  • Thomas Vinterberg (It’s all about love, Nimbus Film)
  • Charlotte Sieling (Better Times, DR)
  • Birger Larsen (The Killing, DR)
  • Poul Berg (Mille, Danni, Julie, DR)
  • Lars Von Trier (Nymphomaniac, Zentropa)
  • Bille August (Return to Sender)
  • Kristoffer Nyholm (The Killing, DR)
  • Henrik Ruben Genz (Broke, DR)
  • Several fiction series for children, DR
  • Christmas specials for children, DR and TV 2 Denmark

In collaboration with Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark I castet two tv movies, based on Hans Christian Andersen fairytales, The Snow Queen and The Wild Swans.


  • Who wants to be a millionaire
  • Masterchef
  • Masterchef, kids
  • Various reality shows for kids

Add to the mentioned, casting for Zentropa, SF Film Denmark, Nordisk Film Denmark, Final Cut Production Denmark and for several advertising agencies all over Scandinavia and Europe.