Captain Bimse: Production Company 41shadows Directors

Anna, aged 7, is finding it hard to fall asleep, because tomorrow is her birthday and her favourite doll, Sophie, has been left up in the summer house in Rørvig. Anna thinks about loneliness and what it must be like to lie there all alone in the dark. Rørvig is far away and her mother and father can’t just go up to get a doll.

Tucked under the duvet, Anna suddenly hears a hum. Anna is visited by a small yellow aeroplane called Zanzibar and its crew: the captain, Bimse, and the co-pilot, Goggeletten.

Together with his teddy bear Mr. Johnson, Anna flies with Captain Bimse and the Goggeletten on an adventurous journey into the world of whimsy to rescue Sophie from the loneliness of the abandoned cottage.



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Commercial 2023

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